Creatures from ZOAB

NPC spider, and worm cyberpunk.

Sensor Spiders. These mechanical spiders are produced in a defunct superstructure called ‘’The Monitoring Station’’. Introduced after the mutation of the Karyd, their original role was to keep tabs on the general condition of the vivarium & its residents. These spiders would take samples & measure parameters such as temperature or water salinity, only intervening where necessary. Once the station became defunct, after being overgrown with molds, the spiders went haywire trying to clean up the organic contaminants. However, the collapse of their central hive system has caused issues with their monitoring hardware. As such, Sensor Spiders have a hard time distinguishing between living creatures & mold, causing them to attack everything on sight. However, if the structure was to be repaired, they might become less aggressive.

Worms. These bloated creatures burrow under the ground and eat anything near them. They are dangerous animals but make an excellent source of meat. Sometimes overtaking old campsites, these ambush predators are highly intelligent, lying in wait for scavengers to return to the camps only to devour them.

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