What is ZOAB?

The land in the vivarium. ZOAB is the name of a land burdened by a revolving door of misery; barren terrain, hostile wildlife, and a miasma of rot permeate its sprawling flats. For its residents, ZOAB is viewed as a survival gauntlet where drought, diseases, & encroaching molds have become daily challenges. Despite the tremendous suffering imposed on ZOAB, its secret remains entirely domestic. ZOAB resides within a vivarium, overseen by an absent Caretaker, as an Alien Being. However, this Caretaker, a rare species collector, sometimes neglects its “pets.” This, combined with a tough time dilation between the inside and outside of the vivarium, ends up causing eras of suffering for the creatures desperately trying to survive inside, though their Caretaker barely takes notice. The players are residents of the vivarium & survivors. It is their job to save their world from total collapse by killing the beasts & infectious molds, trying to overtake it before it’s too late.

Designer Widya is an experienced brand/graphic designer. 

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