About Me

H.H. Michael V. Tran is a creative game designer and 3D Modeler with over 17 years of experience using computer graphics to create three-dimensional images. Highly skilled in using design software, including Maya LT 2022, Zbrush 2022, and Photoshop 2022. Expertise in translating concepts into tangible product specifications. An organized and hardworking individual knowledgeable in model and image design and story and character development.

Michael established a diverse art for his Indie Game project at Darkclaws Games, in Costa Mesa, CA, in 2005 with a concrete client base specializing in Game Design and 3D Modeling. Previously worked for Rockstar Games on Midnight Club Los Angeles, which became a best seller and received a 9/10 rating from Game Informer and 8.9/10 from Imagine Games Network, and also hired by Specular Interactive for a multitude of sub-projects, including Batman (Batmobile) arcade driving game with additional game mechanics to increase fun and difficulty.

Michael holds 3D Animation Certificate, loves what he does, and enjoys playing a quality games.

Thank you,
H.H. Michael V. Tran