Characters from ZOAB

The old rickety door swung open with a creak. “Oy Chemy, your door needs oiling’ again!” McCoy called out as he took the can of spray-on lubricant from his tool belt and gave the hinges a bit of ‘the old TLC.’ He swung the door a few more times, then nodded with satisfaction. Chemy smiled […]

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Residents of ZOAB

ZOAB is an artificially created land home to countless alien races cohabiting within the same space and suffering the same ills. Amongst them are more animalistic creatures and sapient ones trying to hold on tightly to civilization lest it slips from their grasp. Molds & Mosses ZOAB is being overtaken by growing molds, mosses, fungi […]

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Creatures from ZOAB

NPC spider, and worm cyberpunk. Sensor Spiders. These mechanical spiders are produced in a defunct superstructure called ‘’The Monitoring Station’’. Introduced after the mutation of the Karyd, their original role was to keep tabs on the general condition of the vivarium & its residents. These spiders would take samples & measure parameters such as temperature […]

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What is ZOAB?

The land in the vivarium. ZOAB is the name of a land burdened by a revolving door of misery; barren terrain, hostile wildlife, and a miasma of rot permeate its sprawling flats. For its residents, ZOAB is viewed as a survival gauntlet where drought, diseases, & encroaching molds have become daily challenges. Despite the tremendous […]

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