Residents of ZOAB

ZOAB is an artificially created land home to countless alien races cohabiting within the same space and suffering the same ills. Amongst them are more animalistic creatures and sapient ones trying to hold on tightly to civilization lest it slips from their grasp.

Molds & Mosses

ZOAB is being overtaken by growing molds, mosses, fungi & algae. These are vectors for diseases & poisons that cause the land to become uninhabitable. There are many different types of molds & mosses players may encounter, as well as infected beings.

Tendrils. Emerging from the ground and walls, tendrils are often made of mycelium or mold, lashing out to attack players that get near them. Tendrils have a chance of inflicting players with the “Illness” status effect on a hit, causing a debuff until they manage to get cured.

Red Mold.

Red mold covers patches of the ground. Players who walk over these areas of the land suffer small amounts of damage as long as they remain in contact with the mold. Sites with many red molds have a chance of inflicting players with the “illness” status.

Molds & Mosses. Illustrator and Concept by Zana Arnautovic.

Miller’s Hill first acted as a scouting outpost when humans were first introduced to the vivarium. It soon grew into a hub for not only information but mercantilism. The now trade outpost had become the epicenter for species interaction outside of city walls.

Miller’s Hill. Illustrator and Concept by Zana Arnautovic.

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